Dialyt Express for pigs - practical experiences from a Danish farmer

Dialyt Express for pigs - practical experiences from a Danish farmer

The well-known efficient products in the Dialyt series have been updated with the latest knowledge of optimal composition of electrolytes for very young animals. A test shows a yield of more than DKK 200 / year per sow.

Alex Jensen from Hellum in North Jutland, Denmark, has 1250 sows and 45,000 piglets and he tested Dialyt Express in his herd. The animals were divided into a test- and a control group.

This practical test of Dialyt Express for piglets showed improved growth and reduced mortality after litter equalization (14 pigs). In both groups, the pigs were offered milk on day one, after which the control group without Dialyt Express was offered water according to their voluntary water intake, while the experimental pigs had free access to water, at the same time as they were offered Dialyt Express.

Results With Dialyt Express Without Dialyt Express
Weight day 16  4.46 4.15
Daily weight gain day 1-16  192  180
Mortality  8.2%  9.5%
*Litters were standardised to 14 pigs after 24 hours

Easy & practical to use

Dialyt Express is very easy to dose - and it is very handy that you do not have to stir the powder, the herd owners state. The pigs drink the product willingly - and they drink up. This, as well as Dialyt Express' formulation, means that there are not nearly the same hygiene challenges that are seen when using milk replacers.

The animal housing staff have also noticed that Dialyt Express smells good - and they have observed that the pigs are obviously attracted to the smell. Finally, Dialyt Express can also be mixed in milk replacers, combining the benefits of both products.


Although an increase in growth by 12 g / day does not sound like much, it still means that the weaning weight increases by 0.3 kg / pig, corresponding to a value at weaning of DKK 108 / year sow. If this is added to the value of more weaned pigs, where 1.3% fewer dead pigs lead to 0.4 more weaned pigs per year sow, the total value can be calculated at approx. DKK 215 / year.

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Rapid action for effective intestinal stabilization

  • Dialyt Express is a dietary supplement intended for stabilizing the fluid- and electrolyte balance to support the physiological digestion.
  • Helps to maintain / restore a number of balances in the body, which are under pressure due to intestinal disorders. These are, for example, the fluid-, electrolyte-, energy- and pH balance.
  • Rehydration compound feed consisting of electrolytes, easily digestible energy and plant extracts.
  • Can be mixed directly into milk or water prior to feeding.
  • Easy handling - the compound feed is ready to use and does not require prior handling.

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Jacob Dall
Technical Manager, Swine