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About the product
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About the product
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  • 750 kg = 1 Pallet

Dietetic feed for milking cows for reduction of the risk of milk fever

Field of application

X-Zelit® is applied for the last 14 days prior to calving

- To be applied as top dressing
- The appetite is increased if  
  X-Zelit® is mixed into the feed

Stop applying X-Zelit® at calving

- It is a condition that the cow´s own hormone system can draw maximum amounts of calcium from feed and skeleton

Description of the product

X-Zelit® is a product of white granules

X-Zelit® is a new and different product for prevention of both clinical and sub clinical milk fever

- X-Zelit® is a result of several years of development work and research at the Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen

- The product contains synthetic Zeolite (sodium aluminium silicate), which binds the calcium and phosphorus present in the rumen and intestines (the feed)

- Hereby the cow´s own hormone system is activated

- The result is that the cow´s own hormone system is ready for maximum absorption of calcium from both feed as well as from the skeleton on the day of calving

 - All tings equal, this means a reduced risk of both clinical and sub clinical milk fever

- The product has been tested in 22 Danish herds and has resulted in a reduced number of milk fever cases of 86%

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Sodium aluminosilicate, synthetic

Wheat; Wheat, pregelatinised


Analytical constituents:

0,0 % Calcium

0,1 % Phosphorus

0,0 % Magnesium

8,10 % Sodium

  • 500 g X-Zelit® per cow per day for the last 3 weeks prior to calving
  • The appetite is increased if X-Zelit® is mixed into the feed
  • A limitation of the feed quantity ensures, that a daily intake of  500 g sodium aluminium silicate per animal is not exceeded (EU law text)
  • Stop applying after calving