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Effects of Stalosan hygiene powder products




 Biocidal effect  -  -  ++++
 Bacterial enzyme inhibition  -  -  ++++
 Ammonia neutralisation  +  +++  ++++ ++++ 
 Hydrogen sulphide neutralisation  ++  ++  ++++ ++++ 
 pH-value  6  4,5  3,5
 Drying  ++++  ++++  ++++ ++++ 
 Application dose  100 g/m2  50-100 g/m2  50 g/m2 50 g/m2 
 Application rate weekly  2  1  1  1

*Weekly application and dose can be increased in case of elevated moisture level and pathogenic load

product bag

Stalosan Dry

– Medium ammonia and moisture control, high animal comfort

  • Stalosan Dry is a slightly acidic hygiene powder product that absorbs water and neutralises ammonia. 
  • Stalosan Dry supports animal resistance and welfare.
  • Stalosan Dry has a soft structure that gives a high animal comfort in resting areas.
  • Can be combined with Stalosan F for increased antimicrobial control. 


Cost-effective use of Stalosan products in animal resting areas

In animal resting areas, such as cow cubicles or farrowing pens, we recommend using the Stalosan products on a daily basis. The most cost-effective method is to combine 1-2 treatments of Stalosan F and 5-6 treatments of Stalosan Dry per week. This way, using Stalosan F, it is possible to carry out at least one weekly disinfection/cleaning of the resting areas, eliminating bacteria and other pathogens. On the remaining days in the week, until next treatment with Stalosan F, the drying effect of Stalosan Dry will keep the growth of new rising bacteria low. The total cost of this combined Stalosan treatment is significantly lower compared to daily applications of other drying powder products.

Keep the pathogenic level low by combination of Stalosan Dry and F



Stalosan Basic

– Low pH-value, high ammonia and moisture control

  • Stalosan Basic is an effective hygiene agent. The combination of low pH-value and strong desiccating properties gives Stalosan Basic a unique efficacy profile, that reduces the development of harmful substances in the animal environment and improves animal welfare.
  • The mineral acids in Stalosan Basic prevent the breakdown of sebum and skin and thereby protect the animals.
  • Stalosan Basic possesses a highly active neutralisation process that breaks down ammonia and hydrogen sulphide.


Stalosan Green

product bag

– For organic use

  • Stalosan Green is a mixture of special active ingredients that imitate the well-documented effect of Stalosan F
  • Stalosan Green is an alternative and unique way to improve the health status in animal production
  • Lowers ammonia and hydrogen sulphide emissions
  • Improves quality and prolongs the durability of bedding
  • Regular addition of Stalosan Green stabilises the microbial flora and chemical balance of the litter


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