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How to use Stalosan

  • Allows for easy dispersion using a handyman, leaf blower or other suitable devices
  • Won’t harm the eyes or lungs of animals or humans
  • Can be applied while animals are in the barn
  • For other animals, dust at any time
  • For laying hens, wait until evening and turn down lights before spraying
  • No need to alternate with other products to maintain efficiency
  • Application amount –  50 g/m21 lb/100 ft2
  • For maintenance, apply once a week
  • In case of elevated moisture and/or pathogenic load, apply as needed
  • Supports your biosecurity efforts
  • Can be used as a dry disinfectant for boots before entering the barn


Stalosan Handyman

Stalosan Handyman is a practical tool for a quick and economic distribution of Stalosan with a perfect distribution that ensures a maximal effect. Handyman, which is powered by a standard drill, spreads Stalosan easily and quickly into the stalls. The material is spread directly to the side and backwards, so there are no problems with dust. Handyman can also be used for spreading while the animals (cows, pigs, sheep, horses etc.) are present in the barn.

  • Ensures an even distribution that is crucial for a maximal effect
  • Any standard drill can be used
  • The dosage is adjustable
  • Can also be used for spreading between animals
  • No problems with dust 






Stalosan by hand

Sprinkle 50 g/m2 of Stalosan all over the surface. Make sure to have a uniform spread.


Stalosan Blower

With a blower, Stalosan F can now be spread effectively throughout the housing unit in a matter of minutes.

You can cover roughly 100 m2 from one position using the blower, and it takes about 1 minute. In larger housing, select a number of positions from which the entire area can be reached. For instance, an animal housing structure of 500 m2 requires 5 strategically placed blowout points.

Normally, the blower can disperse 4 kg Stalosan F in 1 minute.



  • During the blowing of Stalosan F, all ventilation systems should be switched off. (If the area is 100 m2, for instance, 5 kg Stalosan F should be used).
  • Weigh the amount of Stalosan F required in a bucket. (However, a maximum of 5 kg Stalosan F is recommended for each blowing session due to the blower's range.)
  • Position yourself securely, holding the machine in your left or right hand. (The blower is designed for one-handed operation).
  • Place the blower with the suction pipe in the bucket containing Stalosan F. Do not completely cover the mouth of the pipe with Stalosan F.
  • During the blowing of Stalosan F, point the blower exhaust up (at a 15° – 45° angle off the ground) and move it from side to side. (This method maximises the dispersion and distribution of Stalosan F. Dispersion experiments indicate that the Stalosan F blowing range is about 100 m2from a single position. The blowing takes 1–1½ minutes. Normally the blower can spread up to 8 kg Stalosan F per minute.)
  • If the animal housing area is larger than 100 m2, divide up the area and select multiple blowing locations. (For instance, a surface area of 500 m2 requires 5 strategically placed blowing points.)
  • To maintain the desired effect, blow out Stalosan once a week.
  • After blowing, run the blower until it has blown out all the Stalosan F contents.




Stalosan Booth Bath

Apply an adequate amount of Stalosan to a container that will be able to cover possible contaminated areas on the boots. Go into the bath and move the boots around to ensure a full coverage of all parts of the boots.

Stalosan boot dip


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