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Stalosan F for mink

Treatment against:

  • Unspecific diarrhoea in newborn kits
  • Flies
  • Insects
  • Ammonium binding
  • Water binding


Stalosan F problem solving - mink

We contribute knowledge and professional backup to all customers choosing Stalosan F as problem-solver in their livestock production.

When using the product properly and consistently, the farmer will always experience a positive effect that exceeds the costs of the product.



Plasmacytose in mink is caused by a parvovirus. 

Plasmacytose is detrimental to the mucous membranes of the mink and may cause sterility. There is an increased mortality among the kits too. In chronically infected animals the mortality will increase in time due to failure of internal organs most frequent the kidneys. Furthermore the disease affects the fur quality.

Using Stalosan F in the nest boxes can control the spread of the virus. 


Sticky kits

Sticky kits are a diarrhoeal disease that breaks out when many unfortunate factors occur at the same time. Some factors can be affected by the breeder through the daily care of the minks where it is possible to reduce the problem on the individual farm.

Use of Stalosan F in the nest boxes keeps the diseases and harmful substances like ammonia down.


Nest box environment

Maintain the environment as good as possible in the nest boxes. A warm and moist environment in the nest box provides good growth conditions for bacteria and viruses and the formation of ammonia that is destroying the mucous membranes and straining the skin/fur.

Stalosan F removes the toxic and smelling ammonia and the hydrogen sulphide gas.



Stalosan F is applied in the nest boxes with the nest box bedding. It is very important that Stalosan is well spread when new nest box bedding is placed in the boxes before the female mink is having her kits. Furthermore Stalosan has to be reapplied regularly in the period where the kits are nursing in order to maintain a good environment in the nest boxes.

Apply one tablespoon (ca.7 g / 0.24oz) of Stalosan F per nest box when starting up for 3 to 4 days and thereafter once a week. 

There will be an increased risk of infection spread under stressful conditions e.g. when there are many minks in the cage by the time the kits are getting larger but still not weaned. In such periods apply Stalosan F once a day for 3 to 8 days as required. 

A better result is not achieved by overdosing Stalosan F, but in special cases a more often use can reduce the risk of infection spread among the animals. 



3-4 days before farrowing: everyday application 3 x 7 g – 21 g (0.74oz) 
1 week old minks: one application 1 x 7 g – 7 g (0.24oz)
2 weeks old minks: one application 1 x 7 g – 7 g (0.24oz)
Vaccination day: one application 1 x 7 g – 7 g (0.24oz)
Optional: weaning day, one application 1 x 7 g – 7 g (0.24oz)

Total amount of Stalosan F per nest

49 g (1.73oz) (full program)


One bag of Stalosan F:

  • 3571 applications a’7 g
  • 510 nests a’49 g (full program)


Stalosan F consumption for mink

1 kg Stalosan F is enough for approx. 250 nest boxes.