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21. September 2021

Stalosan for pigs

Stalosan F plays an important role in the farm biosecurity system, providing protection of animals against diseases during the whole production cycle, reducing infections and increases the overall health and profitability of the herd.

Practical trials have shown these positive effects:

Stalosan for piglets (farrowing)

Newborn piglets are very susceptible to diseases, therefore Stalosan plays an important role for disease prevention in the farrowing house with significant result on production results.

  • Mortality is reduced up to 10%
  • Over 50% reduction in medication costs
  • 250 g extra weight at weaning
  • + ½ piglet/sow/litter = + 1,2 piglet/sow/year


Stalosan for growing and fattening pigs

For growers and fatteners Stalosan F can be applied during the critical periods like forming new groups, prophylactic treatments, feed change, etc. in order to reduce the pathogen pressure and morbidity as a consequence.

  • Stress reduction
  • Uniformity


Stalosan for sows – A.I.

Insemination is a critical manipulation for the overall production results. If conducted in the service area Stalosan F improves the environment conditions and increases the insemination rate.

  • + 3% conception rate
  • + 5% conception rate on return
  • - 3 % replacement rate


Stalosan for weaners (nursery)

Weaned pigs are an important target for Stalosan F application. The immunological gap, stress of group forming and feed change make the pigs highly vulnerable to various microorganisms. In this regard, Stalosan F is capable to reduce the pathogen challenge significantly, providing a reduction of diarrhoea and pneumonia cases. The main benefit of pig health improvement is the reduction of antibiotic treatments, resulting in not only reduced medication costs, but also reduced resistant pathogen strains and keeping antibiotics potency.

  • Diarrhoea incidences are reduced up to 50%
  • More than 60% reduction in medication costs
  • A better start


Stalosan for pregnant sows

With the group management of pregnant sows, new challenges appear for the farmers. It is not possible to apply “all-in, all-out” AIAO strategy with consecutive cleaning and disinfection, building up of a manure and its impact on animal health and performance.

  • Reduction in mastitis incidences
  • Reduction in metritis incidences


Recommended Application Dosage of Stalosan F

If using Stalosan F for the first time we recommend applying 50g/m2 once a day for three days. Then apply according to table at right.

Preventive application  50 g/m- once per week
For disease control  50 g/m- 2 to 3 times a week


Read more about application:


Stalosan F in boot baths is more effective against PRRSv than Glutaraldehyde

PRRSv is considered to be one of the major problems facing pig production. A new university study demonstrates a high level of disinfecting effect against PRRSv, close to 100%. It concludes that under normal housing conditions, Stalosan F offers significant advantages as a disinfectant, also in boot baths.

Documentation: An evaluation of Stalosan F powder for deactivation of PRRSv

Stalosan boot dip 


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