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Stalosan application in Weaning/Controlled-environment houses

After washing (which is not always possible due to herd pressure, in which case the residual manure should simply be removed before blowing in Stalosan F in advance of putting in new pigs.

  • Dosage: 3 consecutive days or as needed).
  • Stalosan F is usually blown out for drying and disinfection (Norm Miner) once a week for a preventive effect, or twice a week in case of increased infection pressure (coliform, etc.) Do this during the entire process.

Focus is required here – if the pigs defecate and urinate in the wrong places, dose Stalosan as needed until the pigs have learnt to defecate/urinate in the right area (unless there are cold draughts, ventilation, etc.). For large areas, this is best done using the blower. Use the mini loader for local application. 

Weaners 7-30 kg – about 0,14 kg (0.308 pounds) per pig

Stalosan F application is once per week. Usually there are 2.7 piglets per m² of pen area, together with walks, isolation (hospital) pens etc. 450 m2 house have 1,200 pen places. In case of a daily weight gain of 450 g, 7 batches can be made per year - total 8,400 weaners from 7 to 30 kg. The consumption of Stalosan F is 50 g x 450 m2 x 52 weeks results in about 1,200 kg. per year. If divided on 8,400 weaners, the result is about 140 g per pig.

Sows with pigs to 30 kg - about 223 grams (0.491 pounds) per pig 


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