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Stalosan for cattle

Stalosan F is proven to be effective against many problems, both those caused by bacteria and those induced by certain parasites. Examples include mastitis, high somatic cell count, and diarrhoea. Mastitis, is a complex disease caused by pathogenic bacteria penetrating the teat channel. The disease partly destroys the milk producing tissue and reduces the milk production. Often, mastitis infected cows must be culled.


Dairy cattle trial Australia 2013

2000 m2 free stall barn, compressed ground and compost bedding. Standard Stalosan F application – three days in a row at the beginning, and thereafter once a week.  Start: 06.05.2013 with an average of 1 344 000 BSCC.



For cattle, spread Stalosan F in areas where the animals lie down, particularly under the udder and in damp areas. In penned and tethered stalling, spread the product at the back of the stall in particular, around the feeding trough and dung channel, etc. In deep-bedding housing, spread directly on the existing layer of bedding, particularly in the animals’ lying areas. Spread throughout the entire area in calf stalls.





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Stalosan for cattle


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