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Stalosan application in freestalls

Applied daily using 50-100 g/m2 (1-2 pound per 100 sq. feet) as evenly as possible underneath the udder area/at the rear of the stall.. Uneven spreading of Stalosan F in lying areas will reduce its effect. For cows on deep bedding, apply Stalosan F on top of the bedding in doses corresponding to approx. 100 g/m(2 pound per 100 sq. feet) daily or as often as possible.

Consumption, Cubicles: 

This presumes that Stalosan F will be used 1-2 times per week in the rear end of the cubicles corresponding to approx. 1 m2.

One weekly application: 52 weeks x 50 g = 2600 g = 2,6 kg per year.  

Two weekly applications: 52 weeks x 100 g = 5200 g = 5,2 kg per year. 

Consumption, Deep litter: 

We estimate a resting area of 5.5 m2 per cow. The first two weeks, you scatter about six times depending on the conditions and for the next 50 weeks two times per week.

2 first weeks 5.5 m2x 6 treatments 33 m2
2 first weeks 5.5 m2x 6 treatments 550 m2
Square metres in total/cow/year 583 m2
Consumption per year: 583 m2x 50 g 29,15 kg (68 pounds)




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