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How to use X-Zelit

X-Zelit feeding rate

Supplement pre-calving dairy cows 10 g of X-Zelit per g of dietary phosphorus intake for 14-21 days prior to calving. Typical phosphorus intakes for pre-calving dairy cows are 35-50 g of phosphorus/cow/day yielding X-Zelit feeding rates of 350-500 g/cow/day.


Nutritional advise 

Overall the nutritional requirement for close-up ration including X-Zelit is the same as the rations without. However, there are a few things to be aware of when feeding X-Zelit:

  • A recalculation of the ration is necessary when supplementing the X-Zelit product to make sure that especially the energy and protein intake is not compromised.
  • In general, keep the level of calcium and phosphorus as low as possible. Use of X-Zelit decreases the serum phosphorus at calving. Do not prevent this reduction in phosphorus by adding more dietary phosphorus to the prepartum diet as this would reduce the efficiency of X-Zelit.
  • As the X-Zelit mode of action is independent of the level of dietary cation anions in the ration it opens for the possibility to feed more components having high level of potassium. This could be alfafa, clover and clover grass silage and also the late cuts for silage having a higher content of minerals than the earlier cut. It is therefore possible to have a higher liberty for choosing the feed components for an economical optimization.
  • To avoid sorting in the ration, it is recommended to mix the X-Zelit in the total close-up ration. This ensures that all individual cows will receive the correct amount.

Nutritional recommendations:


  • <45% Dry Matter
  • Higher fiber/lower starch (16-18% starch/ 38 to 42% NDF)
  • 14-14.5% Crude Protein
  • 1200 grams MP
  • < .70% Calcium
  • 0.3 % Phosphorus
  • > .40% Magnesium
  • .25% Sulfur
  • Potassium & DCAD Levels: Minimal Importance!
  • Can feed haylage
  • Standard recommendations for all other minerals and vitamins

    Feeding Instruction

    X-Zelit Application in big farms (mix in TMR)


    X-Zelit Application in small farms (Top Dress with concentrate)


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