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FreshFoss Premium - protects against reheating of the TMR

About the product
About the product
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About the product
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  • 975 kg = 1 Pallet
  • 25 kg = 1 sack

Dry acid product that reduces heating in TMR (Total Mixed Ration) after feeding. FreshFoss Premium consists of a special combination of salts from organic acids that reduces the growth of harmful bacteria and mould. In that way, the product helps to slow down the heating process of the feed and thus protecting against the loss of nutrients and dry matter.  

The properties of FreshFoss Premium:

  • Reduces heating in TMR after feeding
  • Improving feed quality by reducing growth of harmful bacteria and mould
  • Especially important if water is added to the ration and in warm periods
  • Obvious to use for animal groups that are not fed daily
  • Noncorrosive - the mixer waggon will not corrode
  • Nontoxic and completely biodegradable
  • The product does not require HACCP registration
  • Is NOT approved for use in organic farming

For more information read the FreshFoss brochure

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Analytical constituents:

13.1 %                Calcium
  0.0 %                Magnesium
  1,8 %                Sodium

  • Dosage: 0,2-2 kg FreshFoss Premium per ton of complete feed
  • Need varies according to temperature, moisture and quality of feed
  • Start with 0,5 kg FreshFoss Premium per ton of complete feed. Increase the dosage at exceptional high temperatures and/or by lower quality of silage