14. December 2018

Breakthrough for FreshFoss - Best in Test

FreshFoss is rated Best in Test by SEGES.

”It's with great pride and joy that we highlight the result of the SEGES study showing that a standard dose of FreshFoss has the best effect on stabilising compound feed,” explains Per Theilgaard, PhD and Product Manager at Vilofoss.

“We developed FreshFoss precisely because we identified an unmet need among our customers. It therefore gives us great pleasure that our customers – and now also SEGES – confirm the positive characteristics of FreshFoss in relation to the alternative solutions,” Per continues. In the spring of 2018, he oversaw the development and conducting of the many trials underlying FreshFoss.

In the latest edition of the cattle magazine KvægInfo, SEGES unveils a study of solutions aimed at stabilising compound feed over the warm summer months.


”The study shows that standard doses of FreshFoss have the best effect on stabilising compound feed”, writes Niels Bastian Kristensen, Senior Consultant at SEGES, in KvægInfo 2565.


The study ranking FreshFoss as the winner also shows that cattle farmers should generally consider choosing dry acid products over organic acids such as propionic acid for stabilising compound feed for lactating cows in the summer months.

Dry-acid products are also beneficial by being simpler to handle, reducing the risk of corrosive harm and inhaling acid fumes and by being more cost-effective. In addition, the use of dry-acid products does not require HACCP registration.

Written by Niels Bastian Kristensen, Senior Consultant at SEGES, the report is available in Danish here (login required).

You can read more about FreshFoss here and about farmer Christian Dalgaard’s experience of using FreshFoss right here.