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Stalosan F 15 kg

Stalosan F 15 kg


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About the product
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About the product
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  • 1 unit = 15 kg
  • 66 units = 1 Palette
  • 66 units = 1 pallet
Product Number: 253962

Stalosan F is a broad-spectrum disinfectant that considerably reduces infection pressure in the animals’ immediate environment. As the only product on the market, Stalosan F also offers a high level of acid minerals that improve the environment, decompose harmful substances and enhance the animals’ resistance.

Stalosan F creates optimal sanitary conditions in animal housing in the production period, ensuring improved animal health and well-being and optimised feed utilization. This requires protection of the animals’ immediate environment by regular use of Stalosan F, which offers a combination of long-term and broad-spectrum effects.

An animal housing hygiene product for effective control of:

  • bacteria
  • fungi
  • viruses
  • parasites
  • moisture
  • ammonia
  • hydrogen sulphide

Stalosan improves the animal housing environment without facilitating development of resistant strains. Stalosan F neutralises ammonia and creates a more "natural" animal housing environment with a lower pH value that supports the animals’ natural resistance. Several studies have been made with Stalosan F. For more information visit:

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Use Stalosan® F everywhere in the animal housing - both before the animals enter their section and afterwards.

Scatter 50 g per m2 per day for 3 days in areas where Stalosan® F has not been used yet. Hereafter apply 50 g per m2 once a week. Farrowing sections should have 50 g per m2 every day.

Scatter approx. 100 g per m2 on the floor before building up deep-litter sections in calf boxes, horse boxes, chicken housings, sheep housings, rabbit housings, etc.
Hereafter apply 50 g per m2 twice a week on top of the deep-litter section.