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Stalosan F - Never lets you down

With Stalosan, you are ensured a quality that secures a lead in the control of harmful microorganisms and waste products in the housing environment of your animals.

Stalosan F is a multi-action disinfecting powder, that provides long-acting protection, killing harmful pathogens for up to a full week. This effectively reduces costly health issues, such as swine dysentery, scours in pigs, mastitis in cows, various infections in poultry, and much more.


With Stalosan F you get:

• Maximum long-time effect

• Maximum protection for your animals

Maximum efficiency against pathogens, viruses, etc.

Maximum range – the small particles reach every inch of the stable

Stalosan F is well-known worldwide for its high efficacy profile, proven through  several independent laboratory studies and farm trials. Therefore, Stalosan F has become a product of choice when farmers are faced with uncontrollable infection levels in resting areas and subsequently poor animal performance.

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